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my sister’s is brief tall but is extremely hot and sexy with round boobs. my sister is very frank towards speaking with boys because of her figure(32 24 30) and white complexion she gets enough attention.me never noticed all these. we used to sleep together hugging each other time went o

when I completed my 10th I moved to a nearby town for my future studies and use to get home occasionally.one winter afternoon when everyone was sleeping I went to our room and saw my sister was sleeping with a bedsheet on. I went near to her and put my hand on her with no sexual intensions I felt something unexpected it was soft and suddenly I noticed that I kept my hand on her boobs.

I was shaking with fear and a current skilled my body i used to be feeling good from inside but took my hand of and ran away. I the evening everything was normal. she must not have noticed my touch as she sleeps in a very deep sleep. we had our dinner and went to sleep she was in deep sleep within 15 to 20 min.

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I was also trying to sleep but the touch made me crazy. I again wanted to have the same feel.I called her and checked she was fast asleep I slowly hugged her and stayed in that position for some time and then proceeded my hand landed and cuped her breast and my hand started shivering and became cold.I was afraid but enjoyed the feeling.

that night passed feeling her breast and this continued for next few days but this was making me feel more uncomfortable day by day. so I started feeling her boobs from inside her top ooh what a feel that wasn’t enough slowly as days passed I started feeling her whole body and now I needed to see her naked body and one day she was in her tides and I pulled it down to her knees and started feeling her hairy pussy I was running my fingers on it then I thought to touch it with my penis and I did it but I needed more I started licking her as I started she started moaning and murmured fuck me manu fuck me i used to be within the bliss and got more corouge but after 5/6 min .

when I returned i assumed to enter her but thought if destroying her hymen wakes her up and she or he shouts then i might be in big trouble as my parents room is the adjacent one. so without exceeding I was waiting for the correct chance and my day came my parents had to attend a whole night marriage me and my sister got home at 11:30 she was very tired and she hurried to the bed I too followed her as she was asleep I started my action I slowly started removing her clothes and it took almost 25 min to remove her lower and her pink panty ooh what an awesome feeling was that.

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Date: April 15, 2020

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